Millennium Relief and Development Services

Contact: David Douma, Director

Millennium Relief and Development Services is a large network of committed and innovative problem-solvers working to serve the poor, suffering and disenfranchised in over 33 countries and territories for the last 18 years.

Their efforts are designed to create independence by helping local people obtain the skills they need to achieve the change they desire. The goal is to bring hope and sustainable solutions to people caught in these desperate situations who dwell in difficult, and often hostile regions. Since 2014 they have been operating a kindergarten in order to invest in the lives of Iraq’s future.

Project Details

  • Photography and Video Services
  • Professional Development
  • Graphic Design Work
  • Curriculum Development Support

Your visit to MRDS Kindergarten project has hugely helped the project to get started! Your video and photos are still used on all kinds of levels: flyers, website and donor information and your training was a good starting point for further developing our Kindergarten program.

David Douma, Director Southern Iraq MRDS

Partners in Development

Working with the Millennium Relief and Development Services team in southern Iraq was a true joy. They are, among other things, providing much needed early childhood education to their community.

We were privileged to have been partnering with them while they were setting up a brand new kindergarten in Nasiriyah.  Prior to our arrival we were able to help with some graphic design work as well as curriculum development work.

While in Iraq we also provided on-the-ground field training to the teaching staff as well as photography and video services.