The Joyful Project

Contact: Andrew Benson, Founder

The Joyful Project provides high-quality clothing and apparel that not only promotes humanitarian causes, but gives a percentage of their profits to these causes.

Their clothing and merchandise are made in partnership with Freeset Global, which means that their goal is to provide organic, fair trade goods that are ethically sourced and created.

In addition to providing ethically sourced goods online they partner with concerts and music festivals throughout the year setting up march tables and event t-shirts. 

Project Details

  • Video Editing Services
  • Print Ad Design
  • T-Shirt Designs

Small business is personal business and I am beyond thankful for Peter and Chris at Curitus and their contributions to The Joyful Project. Their abilities are of the highest quality, and are both creative and relevant. It is rare to find people who can take your vision and bring it into reality through design and video. These guys are a treat to work with, I get excited about every project.

Andrew Benson, Founder of The Joyful Project

Partners in Development

Partnerships are always at their core relational. Working with The Joyful Project has been testament to that.

We enjoy working with the team at The Joyful Project and still remember when it was only a dream, an idea in the mind of their founder, that had even made it to paper. We are proud of what the folks at The Joyful Project have accomplished and hope to continue working with them for years to come.