Peter Lublink

I believe in peace.  So it is my hope that in my actions and words I might play some small role in developing communities of compassion, respect and peace around the world; instead of seeing people divided along lines of hate and prejudice. Whether as a teacher in the Middle East, or working for The Salvation Army in Canada – this has been my goal. In the 9 years since graduating with a BA (Hons) in political science and classics from McMaster University in Canada, I have had the opportunity to teach children and adults; develop community programs; manage finances and property development; be the keynote presenter at large gatherings; and write for a range of publications. I continue to pursue the dream that people can and should work together to make the world an even better place.


M.A. MA in Social Justice and Community Development, Loyola University, Chicago 2015
M.T.S. Master of Theological Studies, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto 2014
P.G.C.E. Post Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Sunderland 2014
B.A. (Hons.) Combined Honours in Political Science and Classics, McMaster University, Hamilton 2006


Certificate in Non-Profit Management, Loyola University, Chicago 2015
Leadership Development Initiative, The Salvation Army / Simon Fraser University 2011
Certificate in Salvation Army Training, Booth University College, Winnipeg 2006-2008
Manitoba Emergency Management Course, Emergency Measures Organization, Winnipeg 2007
Cross-Cultural Training, Mission Training International, Colorado Springs 2006


Project Officer, Millennium Relief and Development Services , Iraq 2014-Present
Mathematics Coordinator, New English School, Kuwait 2015-Present
Primary School Teacher, Cambridge English School, Kuwait 2012-2015
Project Management Intern, Millennium Relief and Development Services , Iraq Fall of 2014
Corps and Community Officer, The Salvation Army, Victoria, BC 2008-2012
Visiting Faculty, The Salvation Army War College, Vancouver 2008
Officer-in-Training, The Salvation Army, Winnipeg 2006-2008
Teaching Assistant, McMaster University, Hamilton 2005
Teacher, Oxford Learning Center, Oakville 2002-2005



“Enemy Love: An intentional Radicalization of the OT, and in Particular the Commandment to Love your Neighbour as Yourself from Leviticus 19:18.” The teaching of Jesus of Nazareth that calls his followers to love their enemies, as recorded in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:43­48), is an intentional radicalization of previous teaching in the Near East, in particular that of the Torah teaching concerning the love of neighbours (Leviticus 19:17­18). This teaching not only asks its followers to be kind to their enemies but by sacrificially loving them also prohibits them from engaging in violent or retributive action towards them. (Supervisor: Dr. Ian Scott, Biblical Studies Thesis Project, 2013)


“Emergency Preparedness: Getting the Job Done.”
In examining Canada’s existing public policy concerning disaster management response, this paper proposes a number of policy recommendations that would create a more streamlined and flexible national plan. Focused discussion is given both to the role of the military and to various not-for-profit first responders, including but not limited to the Red Cross and The Salvation Army. (Supervisor: Dr. Henry Jacek, 2006 Canadian Public Policy POL SCI 4O06)

Millennium Relief and Development Services (2014-Present)
As part of my work with MRDS I have travelled to Southern Iraq in order to help train and equip local teachers.  While in Iraq I was given the opportunity to guest lecture at the university on behalf of MRDS.  I have also been involved in project development, logistical support and public relations work on their behalf.
The Salvation Army (2006-2012)
My involvement with The Salvation Army over a six year period allowed me to participate in and lead a diverse range of community programs. While living in Winnipeg I was able to work with a team to develop an English Cafe for primarily Afghani refugees living in Winnipeg, MB. On a summer internship in Newfoundland I served on an emergency response team, providing critical support services to first-responders. I was also able to create community-based programming in Victoria, BC including a kids drop-in, a toy lending library, a community garden and a street outreach. As the primary business manager for a Salvation Army unit in Victoria I was also able to develop the finances in such a way that 5% of all income was able to be given to international justice projects.
Canadian Cadet Organization (1997-2011)
In various capacities I was able to help and assist teenagers as apart of the Canadian Cadet movement. During this time I helped lead a military-style marching band, participated in weekend camping trips and helped teach leadership principles. In 2011 I was honoured by the Army Cadet League of Canada with a certificate of appreciation for outstanding contribution to the program.